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    Frequently Asked Questions

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    What's in my box?

    Supplements and accessories to keep your brain healthy, reduce anxiety, increase focus, and support restful sleep.

    Can I cancel anytime?

    Yes you can cancel anytime after the months you have already purchased.

    How long will delivery take?

    EACH BOX IS SHIPPED ON THE FIRST OF THE MONTH. Your box usually will be delivered within 3-5 business days throughout the continental United States.

    What if I don't like a product in the box or it doesn't work?

    If you don’t like a supplement please let us know because we will make it a priority to not give you a similar product in the future.

    Who chooses the supplements for me?

    Our consultants choose our monthly products. Our team consists of psychologists and health professionals

    What happens after I subscribe?

    You fill out a brief customer profile, and in little then no time you’ll be receiving a box at your front door.